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Memo From Bishop Bergie September 11th 2020

Letter Bishop Bergie September 11th 2020

17th Memorandum Letter To Parishioners July 30th 2020

Bylaw Face Coverings For Haldimand County, July 30th 2020

16th Memorandum Letter To Parishioners June 8th 2020

15th Memorandum to Clergy And Religious May 22nd 2020

14th Memorandum to Clergy May 15th 2020

CCCB-CCODP Joint Statement May 4th 2020

13th Memorandum to Clergy May 1st 2020

Prayer for Vocations May 2020

Marian Consecration 1 May 2020

12th Memorandom Regarding Father Kingston CSS Posted Apr.24th 2020

11th Memorandom to Clergy Posted Apr.24th 2020

10th Memorandom to Parishioners Posted Apr.7th 2020

9th Memorandom to Parishioners Posted Apr.3rd 2020

8th Memo to Clergy Posted Apr.3rd 2020

7th Memorandum Bishop Letter Posted Apr.3rd 2020

6th Memorandum Posted Mar.26th 2020

5th Memorandum Posted Mar.24th 2020

4th Memorandum Posted Mar.23rd 2020

Decree For Divine Worship from Rome on Mar.19th 2020

Apostolic Pen - Spec Indulgences from Rome on Mar.19th 2020

3rd Memorandum Posted Mar.17th 2020

2nd Memorandum Posted Mar.16th 2020


1st Memorandum Posted Mar.12th 2020

Act Of Consecration Posted Nov. 23rd 2013